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Random sly-stats and sly-facts:

Sherry Carrero.
For almost 30 years, it's been sly, or slycreations
I check in regularly on Untappd.
I play around with web design and scripting on CodePen.
I manage several websites using Github and also Github.
Daily Goal?
To brighten each day for those I care about and to never, ever allow myself to get bored
Marital Status?
Got married to a wonderful man in 2004. Couldn't be happier!
I moved around too often to pick one. This place will do.
Fav. Music?
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes
Think of me as a Southside Johnny evangelist, a missionary of Jukedom, converting the uninitiated 1 lost soul at a time --- Can I get a witness??
Also a fan of folk and a cappella music
Places I've lived?
A dozen or more places including Alabama, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia and Texas. --- Yes, Texas was intentionally listed multiple times
Irish, English, French, Dutch, & Danish not necessarily in that order
Running 5Ks, singing karaoke, reading science fiction, touring wineries and breweries, cooking, and foodie pursuits.
Two adorable kitties. Easier to care for than children.
(other than Southside Johnny) it would have to be the three C's: coffee, chocolate, and craft beer.
I'm usually in a good mood --so don't mess it up!
It has a mind of it's own. It's been long, shirt, curly, straight, red, brown, blue and is now on its way to gray.
Fav. colors?
Navy, purple, and burgundy
Fav. food?
Seafood, particularly lobster... but while I'm in Texas, I will settle for steak
Fav. drink (non-alcoholic)?
Iced tea and hot or iced coffee. Don't care for sodapop
Fav. drink (alcoholic)?
I love trying craft beers, so this can change frequently. I'm a big fan of red wine as well.
Birth info?
I was born on a Friday the 13th -- which probably explains something about me
Currently working for Freddie Mac as a Senior User Interface Engineer
Sounds dull... what else?
Over the past 40 years I've also been (in no particular order): short-order cook, grocery cashier, bowling attendant, cosmetician, waitress, tutor, hostess, bartender, cocktail waitress, reader/evaluator, salesperson, apartment leasing & maintenance assistant, financial clerk, weight-loss counselor, optician, store manager, retail district manager, junior interior decorator, nanny, office manager, receptionist, secretary, cake decorator, singer, web developer, programmer, renaissance faire performer, karaoke DJ, CBT/WBT designer & UX engineer
BA in English and Sociology from SFASU -- but I graduated in the 80s, before the internet became what it is today, and long before anyone thought web development could become a career.
I have a lifetime Certification to teach secondary English and Sociology in the great state of Texas. I pray to God I never have to do that for a living.
I'm also TABC certified, so you might catch me pouring drinks somewhere.

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