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Roll Your Leg Over Lyrics

If you're a fan of bawdy songs then you're probably already familiar with Roll Your Leg Over [PDF]. For the rest of you... well, I make no promises. If your easily offended then perhaps you should stick to safer songs and avoid reading the lyrics to Roll Your Leg Over [PDF].

So, where did all the lyrics to Roll Your Leg Over come from? Personally I've written several of the verses (a great way to pass the time when stuck in traffic), and some came from friends and many have been emailed to me. Special thanks to the wenches from the Maryland Renaissance Festival and to the folks on AFR - this list would have been quite incomplete without your help!

Are these all the lyrics to Roll Your Leg Over? Certainly not!! These are all the lyrics I know of, that I thought were worth mentioning. Yes, believe it or not, I weeded out some that were truly horrendous, as well as some that missed the point of the song. (For example, I omit verses like  "If all the young ladies would let me, I'd @#$% them"  because they miss the point -- they contain no double entendre and they lack humor.)

If you know of lyrics that I haven't included, please feel free to email them to me at sly at this here slycreations domain, be sure to include Roll your Leg Over in the Subject line (otherwise I'll probably delete it as spam), and I'll update the list everytime I get a few more lines.

Last update to the lyrics was Sept, 2009.